A Study of Clouds

“- Look, Griete. Look at the clouds. What colour are they?
– White… Yellow. Blue. And grey. They are the colours of the clouds.
– Now you understand.”

(Girl with a Pearl Earring, 2003)

These are the words that constitute the foundation of the creative concept: a study of clouds and the mood that they create. It is interesting to understand and observe how the mood in the skies is given by the presence or absence of clouds, different in every moment of a day. If they are there, they give a certain colour for that specific moment in time.

Painters have always been interested in rendering clouds. I make a reference to two of them, Rene Magritte (b.1898 – d.1967) and Gerhard Richter (b.1932). The light and the mood in their works with studies of skies and the surroundings is what inspired
me in my search.

I looked for natural fabrics that best described the colours up above that I always want to capture on camera. These were then cut into geometrically constructed patterns that evolved from past works of mine and have bits of inspiration from the traditional Romanian shirt. My hope is that they succeed in reminding us of the moods in the skies, forever changing and unfolding above.

Hereby, I launch an invitation to observe the light created by the clouds and to dream.